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Teakwood, ,aka Nel Bosco

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Sky is an extremely cooperative, kind, sweet mare. I would describe her just as you mentioned as very much wanting to please her rider and do the right thing. She will always have a place in our family as we love her very much....she's so endearing. I have had so many people want to buy her but I could never part with her. 

Happy New Year!                                          Susan              


“I just had another set of lessons this weekend with Elaine Gibala, an R judge and Grand Prix rider.  Each time she sees Carlisle, she comments on his excellent disposition and ability.  Elaine’s final comment to us was that if we worked hard we could both make it to Grand Prix.  Of course that gave me all of the HOPE and CONFIDENCE I could use and in 10 or so years we may be :)   Carlisle has helped me really become excited about riding!”               
                                           Margaret Bradley,
                                                      Grosse Point,  MI

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