Text Box: “Fortitude, Dedication, Education and appropriate horses combined with a firm belief in one’s self are the necessary ingredients for a rider’s successful and rewarding pursuit of any riding discipline”

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Margaret Kaiser, a.k.a.“Peg”, always knew horses would be her life’s pursuit. She began riding as a child and quickly discovered the excitement of a variety of disciplines. Gaming, barrel racing, reining, and jumping were early favorites. With age and experience came a desire to learn and improve, leading Margaret to discover how dressage benefits all riding activities.

Dressage philosophies and training techniques really aligned with hers. She enjoys studying anatomy, biomechanics, equine psychology and medicine. Margaret believes it is imperative to understand both “how” and ”why” in your endeavors, especially when dealing with horses and riders. Margaret is adamant this scope of knowledge is essential to be a successful horse professional. The principles of dressage draw from this all inclusive understanding of not only “how’ but also “why”.



" Breeding horses is not like mixing paint.

   You can't mix black with white and expect to get grey."

                  M. Kaiser

Margaret continues to expand and improve the farm, the breeding program and training services with the support and participation of husband, Steve and children, Jennifer and Michael.

With over 50yrs. of raising and training horses and riders behind her, Margaret looks forward to a busy and rewarding future for FHF & Kaiser Dressage.

business opportunity she founded Kaiser Photography in 1973. Her venture quickly developed it into a thriving business. Margaret has been the official photographer for many class A shows, 3-Day Events and competitions. for more...

Margaret is also a well known professional equine photographer. Sensing a promising

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History & GoalsText Box:  “If you truly want to ride and be successful then believe it is possible. Regardless of current skills you are capable of going as far as you desire. Tell yourself daily, “ I can do this” and BELIEVE IT ! It is every bit as important as lessons, practice, etc. Your beliefs go hand in hand with your efforts. You can realize your dreams and achieve your goals !!”

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Margaret’s Advice & Beliefs

Fifty years

of experience     

with horses

have proven

to us

the value

of knowledge,




and teamwork.”                     

Text Box: “You get a lot further in life by showing what you don’t know and asking for help than you do pretending you know it all.”   
                                                                                                         Lynda Resnick